Rambelings of a mad man: SHOCK to the system
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Friday, December 29, 2006
「 bouncing away 9:31 AM 」

Wow is all I can say, Heres how it started out, I had a argument with my girlfriend yesterday, I said things that probably didn't need to be said etc.. We resolved the issues and moved on. Well come later last night I get a typical piece of spam this one was for a dating site.. then BAM!!! theres her screen name with a recently updated note. Gloves came off and I was ready for a argument. Talk about bad timing. Well long story short, she hadent posted anything in a long time in fact since b4 we met. We then set off to remove our profiles from various sites and found that its a lot easier to post then it is to remove, in some cases the site gives NO method of removing your profile. This sort of thing although unseeingly harmless in the beginning might turn around to byte you in the bum later down the road. MY suggestion is b4 posting anything to a dating site make sure that you can remove it later down the road when you have found your new love.


Signing off, MasterMind.